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Hi there! I’m Haley Haxton. I think this is where I’m supposed to toot my own horn and tell you all about me! Toot toot, here we go. I was born in the outskirts of Albany in a little town called Castleton-on-Hudson. My parents, two siblings, and I left our small apartment for whatever Florida had in store. My parents always worked so hard to provide us with the best opportunities. A "thank you" will never cover how grateful I am for them. It wasn’t until I enrolled into cosmetology school that I found something that I felt so proud of. Once my vision was clear, I ran with it. With the help of my selfless husband Chad, my dreams are being brought to life. Thank you for keeping the girls and I in check, for the back breaking work you did creating the salon, and for being the best dog dad. We have two rescue pups and a spoiled Doberman pup.

If your appointment involves hair coloring, balayage, or bringing your hair to life with dimension, my heart swoons. At your first appointment we will sit down for a thorough consultation to discuss your hair goals (IG vs reality), review your hair type, and work through any details/concerns. I will always be honest about what is realistic. It might not be a one step process, but we can individualize your plan to your goals and budget. Did I mention that I am obsessed with extensions? Specifically, Invisible Bead Extensions. The method to my madness: it will take 10 minutes to get the extensions out for a move up, without breakage, and without any pain. What you can expect: No heat, no glue, and no messy adhesives. Seeing is believing, IG: @haleyhaxtonhair . If you would like to set up an appointment with me, a simple text works best or DM me. I'll need a picture of your hair currently and 3 pictures of your dream hair. I can't wait to work with you! Xo, Haley

Half highlight, includes toner $190+

Full highlight, includes toner $250+

Shadow Root $50

Base color $85+


Initial install includes hair, color on the extensions, color on your natural hair and a custom haircut to ensure your hair and extensions match seamlessly.

1 row: $1,300

2 rows: $2,000

3 rows: $2,700


1 row- $200

2 row- $300

3 row- 400